‘The Simpsons’ have been around for over 20 years, they have had a movie and multiple different characters – who each have a part to play. However, something that has become apparent to me today, which you may not be even aware off, is that with a recurring cast of over 100 characters, the show utilises only twelve voice actors. This is surprising, with the show being so big that surely they can afford to bring in many more professionals, instead of opting to hold onto and using the few that they have in different aspects. The show however must be appreciated entirely for the talent they have on board, and the skill that the voice actors portray in near on every episode.It is even more surprising to find that three of the twelve make up the voices of over 60% of all the characters – even more so when considering Hank Azaria is a full time actor also that must partake in the program alongside his many acting roles.  Below is an infographic of the twelve main and there respective characters:


This seems to be trend with animated television series, as along with ‘The Simpsons‘, ‘South Park‘ also does something rather similar. Check below for there infographic also :

south-park-4-actors-play-over-80-characters-1421845844.86-8683222Disclaimer : I did not make these infographics.