There are many different types of film magazine out there. Each with different readership, values and personas. So how do you go about seeking out the move magazine for you? Well once a month, I will delve into each of the magazines and seek out there cover designs. In doing so I can focus my attention on what the magazine is focusing on while also giving some outline to the techniques that they have incorporated into their publication – while also looking into what film they are basing there issue around. As the months go on, the aim is to have a clear understanding on the focus that each magazine holds. So lets begin.

1st – Empire Magazine 


Centring its cover design on perhaps the biggest film of the year, Empire once again strikes up a brilliant design that shows there lead within the field of film journalism. Holding a 20 page exclusive really showcases this fact, and draws readers into their article. If superheroes are not for you, never fear because they also have three distinct interviews, and three feature articles on new films being released this year. This is a massive move in the design of magazine covers, as they are using the power of three, a tool many companies incorporate as it is pleasing to see. They also have a striking subscribers issue shown below :-


2- Total Film


Going the independent route, Total Film – who is the second biggest film magazine in the UK – has decided to focus there cover on the Thomas Anderson production ‘Inherent Vice’. A strange decision but one that works, it does differentiate itself from Empires, the cover also places lots of emphasis on other films in production – seemingly flooding its cover with images and texts. It has based a theme around the cult idea of films and have designed itself to place importance on this fact. It also has a different subscribers issue, shown below: –


3- Little White Lies


Again centring on the the independent film ‘Inherent Vice’ the Little White Cover removes near on all text in favour of holding a strikingly beautiful design. This magazine also bases its internal sections on the same design and showcases the importance of the month in film issues that they have. Very nice cover, simple yet highly effective.

This magazine also produces a weekly issue for tablet and phone devices, these covers are near on perfect themselves and shown below in all there glory :-






4 – Sight and Sound


Sight and Sound is perhaps the most formal of all the magazines and is written in the magazine branch of the British Film Institute. This shows in both its cover design and its content with its writing aimed primarily towards the more academic and enthusiastic film fans. Again this issue is based on the ‘Inherent Vice’ magazine, showing that perhaps the best film of the month with regard the magazines is in fact this film.

American Option – Entertainment Weekly


For those who have a tablet computer, the american option may well be the best. Centring on films as well as music, books and television this magazine literally is a database of entertainment news, show business and celebrity. Perfect for those who are fans of the industry but also adore other aspects. This weeks focus is definitely the OSCAR’s which occurs next month.