22nd January – We watched ‘The Bling Ring’, which i actually have to say I enjoyed. However, the group that I watched it with found it to be dull and unwatchable. I guess they just don’t like having non mainstream cinematography in their films. Each to their own I suppose.

23rd January – I watched no films to do but instead spent my time sorting out my new Blog and studying for university. Isn’t it pretty.

24th January – I did not watch a film today also because I watched the many football matches instead. I have to really get my priorities right I suppose.

25th January – I watched three episodes of television programs today, all from the lovely country America. I watched the first episode of ‘Black Sails’ season 2 (brilliant), the first episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ (again Brilliant) and the US office (not so). Maybe tomorrow will bring about a film to watch.

26th January – Today I watched football again and therefore never managed to watch a film. I did however watch one more episode of QI which is in my opinion the best english produced television show ever.

27th January – I watched my all time favourite film today, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. A brilliant film that does everything right. Just needed to watch it, in preparation for the new Fincher film, ‘Gone Girl’ due in stores very soon.

28th January – I watched two films today. Firstly I went to the cinema with my good friend Katie and watch ‘Into the Woods’, disney’s new musical production. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but parts did seem to drag on too long. The full review will hopefully go up tomorrow. The second film I watched was the equally good, ‘Pride’. The harrowing true story of the joining of miners and homosexual people in the battle of mine closures and segregation. Brilliant British, the film carries a strong message and when I have managed to watch it again then I will hopefully be able to review it properly – as I think it deserves two viewings in hopes if giving it credit.