Finding Dory is swimmingly close to hitting cinema screens throughout the world, and I cannot wait. Only 13 years after the original film became a household favourite, but whose counting, ‘Finding Dory’ follows the forgetful blue tang Dory (still voiced by the extremely likeable Ellen DeGeneres) as she seeks out to find her long lost family. Reuniting the principle cast of the first film – characters including Nemo, Marlin and the Tank Gang – Pixar seems happy to feed audience nostalgia with a true passion brought back to the underwater world.

Original director Andrew Stanton returns once again in the writer/director role for this picture and in preparation for the summer release, the studio has released a new trailer to wet audience appetite.

The studio had previously released four teaser posters shown below.

finding dory 1

finding dory 2

finding dory 3

finding dory 4