Name: – Thomas Clarke

Age:– 25

Education:- I am currently studying a  BA (Hons) English and Journalism (year 3) with a predicted classification of 2:1.

I have got two BTEC National Diplomas with 6 Merit grades in two different fields: Media Studios and Public Services.

Employment:- I have worked since I was 15 years old at Sainsbury’s Supermarket in a variety of different roles. I have also worked as a freelance journalist for Coventry University and as a cash collector for NCP car parks.

 I have always had a passion for film and film journalism and have written officially for an American film website (

Film Interest:- I have many different interests, but ultimately my true passion is film. I study the theory behind the film industry while also writing journalistic articles surrounding the industry. My ultimate end goal is to become a film journalist for a magazine corporation, and will endeavour to succeed in completing this. I am analytical and enjoy breaking films down, so as to gain an insight into how the art form was created.

I have also been taught Teeline shorthand during my time at university, and I am currently at a level 3 grade for this discipline. I hope to utilise this skill in my future career.

I design magazine covers for a fictional magazine (Talking Pictures) as it gives me an opportunity to present my film interest while also learning further techniques surrounding Adobe Photoshop. I then use these covers to create personal magazines with the QuarkXPress magazine software – which I have medium proficiency in.

I am always pushing myself to achieve my career aim, and have set up this blog as another means to further advance my filmic knowledge.

Other Interests: – I am supporter of Arsenal football club, and have been for many years. I aim to watch every match and participate in social discussions surrounding the sport. I am also the president of a university society – where I create and run meet ups with various people from within the university.

I also enjoy reading, with fantasy fiction as my favourite genre. I use this as a means to wind down, and enjoy discussing books with various members of my course. This has led me to further promote and develop my communication skills.

If you would like to know any more, please feel free to ask. 

Contact detail:-

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