Two months before the film cinematic releases, the buzz for Marvels thirteenth entry into the Cinematic Universe can not be greater. Deemed by many to be more Avengers 2.5 instead of Captain America, Civil War explores the notion of earths mightiest heroes facing off against each other in respect to a superhero regulation, with both Cap and Tony Stark controlling two warring factions.

In anticipation to the summer blockbuster, Marvel has released six new posters promoting the members of Captain America’s team. Although Falcon and Winter soldier are unsurprising companions , the inclusion of Ant Man and Hawkeye will no doubt have lasting affects on their position within the Avengers. Placed alongside the dangerous Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson), these six heroes will go to arms against six of Starks supporters.

No doubt Marvel has plans to release Team Stark soon, and when they do they will be placed to be viewed at your pleasure. If nothing else, Captain America Civil War will be an exhilarating movie with massive stakes to the future of the super franchise. For one thing I am excited to witness the coming together of two superhero powerhouses.

Captain America himself (Chris Evans)
The Falcon (Anthony Mackie)
Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)
Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson)
The Winter Soldier AKA Bucky Barns (Sebastian Stan)
Ant-man (Paul Rudd)

Matching the previous posters designs, these releases from Marvel are effective at hinting towards something grand in the superhero sub genre. Well done advertisement team.