After the rather moody one piece for the NEW X-men movie, subtitled ‘Apocalypse’, it was only a set time before the opposing force is presented on its own poster. Now that this has been released, similarities are clear – with obvious symbolism given to Charles holding a similar position to the titular antagonist. With her history to professor X highlighted in the previous film, Mystique -Jennifer Lawrence – is also given centre profiling ( no doubt presenting the Oscar winning actress as the film’s main hook).

It is also worth noticing the young incarnations of the original franchises heroes, with Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner and Kodi Smit-McPhee each taking over a role already once envisioned onscreen.

With Fox releasing this Marvel franchise as a direct competition to the MCU and WB Justice League, it is interesting to see which film comes out both critically and commercially better upon release.

I will write a review to all the films when they are released later this year. 



X-Men Apocalypse is out May 27th 2016.