After what seems like an age; I am back on Blog writing duties. With personal issues stopping the development and progression of this newly designed blog, I am excited to get back to filmic writing. What better way to get the blog going again, than the designs I have developed in the gap between posts.

To fill the void of time, that my absence has caused, I will post the various covers I have developed so as to catch the blog up to where I am personally. So here is the May 2016 issue (no. 20).

The topic of this month’s design, was the long awaited sequel to Burton’s re-imagining of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Subtitled “Through the Looking Glass”, the sequel had developed a strong interest in me, with the first film being what I felt enjoyable and worthy of a follow-up. It is for this reason, I have created 5 separate covers for this release, each depicting a different character – including new addition (big bad) Father Time – portrayed with a creepy campiness by Brit actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Check out the covers below :