This month has been somewhat of interest to me with regard to the magazine cover that I have created. Not only was the images of the title film, “Dr Strange” hard to come by – well especially to find one that hasn’t been used extensive amounts – but also to the style and standard that I felt suited my creation.

Alas however I found one, and boy wasn’t this cover fun to create. Check it out below, and you will see the method in which I have added magical components to the masthead and plus sign. This ties the aesthetics into to each and in my opinion allows me to craft one of my favourite covers.

Liked by family, the cover was actually shown to Mr Benedict Cumberbatch himself, and what great praise I received. Not only did he like the picture, he checked out this very blog and signed a print out with my dad for me. I am over the moon that he liked my simple hobby enough to place his name on top.

Check it out below too.