“I don’t want to come off as arrogant here, but I’m the greatest botanist on this planet” – Mark Watney.

A perfect adaptation of one of the latest critically acclaimed novels, handled by all involved in a manner that best befits the content.

Ridley Scott once again showcases true prowess within the science fiction genre, with a relatively simple plot line explored fully onscreen.

The science is important but never overly complicated for audience understanding and where some factors are still glossed over, the plot remains followable so as to bring an ease of understanding to audience members.

Matt Damon leads an outstanding cast that carry the movie throughout its entire duration with ease. If the viewer places together the three narrative sub arcs, then ‘The Martian’ is able to convey an interconnected and well construed narrative.

A heavy hitter in a year of massive success, this film showcases true filmmaking talent throughout its entire production – with emphasis needed to be placed on the outstanding effects that have gone into the realistic and highly believable setting of Mars. A true adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel. Amazing.

Plot – 4
Acting – 5
Direction – 5
Special Effects – 5
Retrospect – 4