The Teaser

This poster design is magically enchanting – which is most fitting for the subject matter. But some aspects are confusing at first glance. For example, why is Newt (Eddie Redmayne) placed small within the location? Perhaps the marketing department felt that the character was not known enough to warrant being placed centrally. Or perhaps even, the location of this movie is the most important aspect of the film. Either way, this poster delivers a hint at whats to come, while also showing a grand location – perhaps emphasising the development in scale from the “Harry Potter” series.

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The Character Promo’s

The location of this film is not the only thing thats been made bigger, with a much vaster array of characters placed into the narrative, most not recognisable to the Harry Potter audience. To hint at the different personas of these characters, the posters background key components (i’m sure) to their individual narratives.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this, is the ‘Deathly Hallows’ symbol appearing on Colin Farrell’s picture. Could this hint at  a Grindelwald’s allegiance? The inclusion of this symbol does well at incorporating the prequels to the originals, placing the timeline and location into a consistent locale.


The Theatrical Poster

The strangest element of this poster design is the lack of beasts. Maybe the designers wanted to emphasis the wand glow (wands in general) and the location (America this time) instead of the magical elements that will more than likely take a major places within the narrative proceedings. Again it is worth noting that characters are placed together (principle cast), however they still are dwarf by the location. This is most likely a play on the location become larger, and also the scale becoming more epic compared to the school exploits of earlier films. The hazy mist also symbolises the fact that the main elements of this film are unknown, while creating an enchantingly eery magical feel to the washed out colours.

The Special Ones

With such a large fanbase, it is not surprising to find this film to have multiple special posters – which no doubt help to keep the hype for the cinematic release. The comic-con poster is very art deco with a nice blur of blues and silver. The fact that Eddie Redmayne is not facing the camera, but instead is turning to face it, gives a shadier symbolism than what has come before. Again hinting at a mystery at play.

 The IMAX poster finally sets the full cast as the main element of the poster, with a beast included too (also finally). Also with two sets off characters heading from either side of Eddie Redmayne’s profile, the two sides of the narrative may well have been shown. Both posters are also not washed out, which means for a more stronger resonation within the characters and the intellectual property.

All these posters have hinted at something magical returning to cinemas, with a larger scale, different locales and new arrangement of characters. I am personally excited for this film, and I feel these posters have worked effectively in presenting the new imagining to potential audiences.