Release Date : 2016

Composer : Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, Mark Mancina

1 Tulou Tagaloa (0.51)

A strong vocal performance opens up the soundtrack, presenting the ideas and language of the culture explored. A female vocal presents the character of Moana as a theme.

2 An Innocent Warrior (1.37)

A female vocal piece that again uses the Tokelauan language to invoke the film Polynesian culture, this song is short and enchanting.

3 Where you are (3.30)

The films expositional song as it introduces the equilibrium into the narrative, from which the progress here forth alters the normality of the world. Laws and ideas of the common culture are outlined with the main lyric “never leave” presenting a close group community from which the heroine originates.

The song features music and percussion with string instruments featuring guitars used heavily throughout. The song is fun, and comedic in what it presents to the audience – forming a light-hearted feel which is very much Disney-esc.

The normal Disney troupe of a crazy character introduced to progress the plot features in this song – with his self-realisation that the status quo deems him an issue.

4 How Far I’ll Go (2.43)

Disney’s next “Let it Go” this song resonates almost like a pop ballad with the female vocalist (as the heroine) committing to a different path. A change of key occurs near the end to uplift the mood of this song, which presents.

5 We Know the Way (2.21)

Vocal soli, with chorus of backing singers to provide harmony. Use of guitars as well as wind and brass instruments towards the end to add to the build of texture and harmonic complexity

6 How far I’ll Go (reprise) (1.27)

Similar to the original hearing, solo voice with harmonic backing and a talk about a journey for the characters.

7 You’re Welcome (2.43)

A new character is introduced in Dwayne Johnson’s Maui, who has a good singing voice that is surprising. A way of introducing the cultural myths of the films focus community with the lyrics it uses (bringing in a expositional dump of information in an easy to digest manner). Fun and light-hearted, with a Michael Buble-esc feel, the song is complimented by the brass and woodwind section.

8 Shiny (3.05)

The villain song in the Disney sense – again an expositional dump in the lyrics, this song is deep and dark throughout. A different tone to the rest of the soundtrack, the use of this different theme with regard the sound gives an othering to the character it surrounds.

9 Logo Te Pate (2.09)

Beginning with a string of percussion, string instruments and vocals. The Tokelauan is used again to present an idea of culture. A quick tempo in the music brings about a feeling of progression and ultimate excitement building.

10 I am Moana (Song of the Ancestor’s) (2.42)

A sombre song that utilises a minor key in its composing connoting a negative emotion in the proceedings of the film. The elderly sounding voice gives across a sense of loss and the music fully compliments this tonal mood. Uses lyrics from an earlier song to promote the idea of progression on the characters path.

11 Know who you are (1.12)

Another reprise that emotes the characters thought and as such can be seen as an alternative to monologue.

12 We Know the Way (Finale) (1.09)

Major key and a return to the main characters theme, use of vocals that have been heard previously. A full circle with regard the music presents the narrative as finished and the equilibrium restored.

Total Duration : 34 Minutes