After a busy exam period at university I have had to withhold my blog posting and magazine design. However, now that that period of time has come to past, I can get back to the fun of promoting my filmic interest.

With the 29th magazine cover design falling on Christmas, I felt that the magazine cover should represent something rather different than the usual festivities. Therefore, I have gone with the final Resident Evil film, as nothing states festivity more than blood fuelled zombies.

Although it has its issues, the Resident evil franchise has grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, and therefore should be seen as a successful artistic piece. Following Umbrella Corporations survivor Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she takes on the evil creator of the ‘T’ virus. With the latter sequels becoming somewhat of a mess, the outcome of the finale will define whether the franchise can be deemed as salvageable and entertaining in its entirety.

Check out the magazine cover below and let me know what you think:

Issue 29 Resident Evil 6.jpg

Resident Evil comes to UK cinemas 3rd February 2017.