So 2016 is well and truly over, and with that comes a new year and new possibilities. Where some people may think that 2016 was a harsh year for the entertainment industry (lets be fair it was), it still had some cracking filmic moments. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, for me was the film of the year and with a slew of new films set to arrive in 2017 I am most excited.

However, before the majority of my eagerly awaited films are released there is but the small matter of the annual awards. With the Oscars and Bafta’s both arriving before the end of February it is a time of reflection, appreciation and admiration to those who deliver film art. With La La Land wowing critics and movie lovers, award buzz is rightly rewarded with the film serving as a favourite of films highest prize. Due to this, what better film should be used to kick start a new year of magazine covers.

Thats right, La La Land heads up a design based around the award season, and you can check out the magazine cover below. Like what you see, please like this site. I look forward to any comments I receive.

Issue 30 la la land v2.jpg

La La Land has 14 award nominations (a joint record) and is currently at cinemas now.