Sorry about the delay, with university coming to a close my time has been spent away from this blog and instead completing the dissertation to an appropriate standard. With this now completed I can release more posts on my blog, where I have plans for many reviews, designs and other articles.

As a catch up first however, I will upload my March design for Talking Pictures featuring the remake of Beauty and the Beast. A film I totally loved, this remake hit all the right cues for me to find it worthwhile – and although it does not overtake the original, it is extremely close between the two. With my favourite actress in the lead role, I felt that a remake of this scale deserved to be the focus of my magazine design and as you can see below I have chosen to used Belle as the prominent figure within the design,

Playing around with reds and whites, the design felt right to me from the beginning, and overall I am happy with how it has come out.  Check it out for yourself below:

issue 32 beauty and the beast.jpg

With the famous quote placed at the top of the design, I have tried to give credence to the standard that was the original while also tying in aspects to best reflect the new version. I like the design, and although it is not my favourite ever, I feel it fits the new film well.