Issue 33- Guardians of the Galaxy 2.jpg

With Guardians of the Galaxy being such vibrant and realised cinematic creation, with some of cinemas most outstanding characters, I felt that it was appropriate to design a cover based around the highly anticipated sequel. Utilising one of the films posters, I had fun creating a magazine design that was given a freedom to use odd colour choices.

Through the turquoise colour contrasting against the picture itself, I felt that I could play around within the relationship between the colours and the text which led to me utilising a stroked font design for the main title. Through applying strokes, inner glows and outer glows, I created a nice illusion of depth to the magazine which allows it to look both futuristic and professional. Overall I am very happy with this magazine design, and feel it is one of my best designs yet.

My favourite aspect of this design is the tentacled creature weaving between the mass head. This was achieved through playing with layer levels, and duplicating various aspects of the creatures image. By layering them in a particular way, the design gives across a 3D element to the magazine title. Although I have done 3D illusions before, this particular effect took a longer time to achieve and more layers to create.

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